I have recently self published with Archway my memoirs “THE SECRETS OF MY LIFE, Vintner, Prisoner, Soldier, Spy.

After I was not able to find a publisher and decided to self publish. I did quite a bit of research contacting four publishers who specialized in handling self published books. I decided to use Archway, because their offerings made more sense to me than the other publishers, enabling me to choose from a menu the type of service I believed I needed. The fact that Archway was owned by a major Publishing House also helped me to select

My expedience with Archway has been first class. Their method of operation has one person coordinate all the services as they are needed. At the same time the person offering the service can communicate directly with the author. The handling was efficient, timely and courteous, through the entire process, which included two editorial reviews, which were needed and excellent. It also included design of print face and book cover, and the many small details needed to bring a book to market. Now that it is in the market, I cam continuing to avail myself of the promotional and marketing expertise Archway offers and am equally satisfied with the service I now get, again having one goal keeper who coordinates each detail.